height that matters

house in utan kayu, Jakarta.

September 2018 – Februari 2019

What if size of room are firstly defined by the height? Not the length, or the width.
What if people perceive a space by its height, not how big it is.
What if the height of space matter?

Initial idea start from discussion with the owner, of what is the proper – convenient height dimension of a space, as the owner has a specific height. We are interested in this relativity of dimensions of human with the space. What if design start from the height? Not the length or width.

This small house located in dense area, where the surrounding are mostly 2 stories houses with no setback to the neighbors. Thus, the gap are created to maximize the view and let the wind pass through.

Designer in charge
Marco Victorio
Rachmat Bimantoro
Ria Ananda
Wilusty Tengara, Marco Victorio, Cresentia Natasha
In frame
Stella Thamrin, Marco Victorio
Parmo chair by Marco Victorio

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