picture of you

Berlin University Residence

Competition Entry - Archmedium - May 2016

What if living is about to share and give memories to each other.

Small Footprint
The design approach is to create a small footprint on the site and let the social interactions happen in the big open space.

The building expression is designed with a simple gesture, as a background for people activity and interaction, with long and slim shape, single loaded layout.
Windows showing activities in one side and transparent corridor on the other side, create a tall background in the area of Kreuzberg.

The Intimacy
The entrance is located at the back, a long narrow corridor that creates an intimate space to evoke the interaction between the residences.

Talking Balcony
The social interaction not only happen horizontally, but also 
vertically, between floors.

What if the house is like a collage of memories, framing moments between neighbors, represents a wall full of memorable pictures.
People could come and go, but memories will stay.

© dua 2015